Shoe Size Finder

How do I find the right shoe size for me?

If you are unsure about your shoe size, you can check it with the size chart below.

The length is measured inside the shoes, so you know the actual space your feet will take up. The width is measured on the outsole, as the leather is quite soft and the shoe will expand after a while of use.


So how do you measure your feet?

Place a piece of paper on the floor so that it touches the wall. Place your foot on the paper so that your heel touches the wall. Using a ruler, mark the place of the longest toe (not necessarily the big toe) vertically on the sheet of paper. At the end measure the resulting distance (from the wall to the longest toe).






What size should I order?

If you are a man and your feet are 28 cm long, your size would be at least 43. 42 shoe size has the same size as your feet according to our chart, i.e. your toes would directly touch the top of the shoes. Size 42 shoes would therefore be too small.

If you are a woman and your feet are 24 cm long, your size for heel shoes is at least 38, not 37.

Why not check your sizes right away (please note that the information given here is the size of our shoes):