About Us

It's now been seven years since Slide & Swing launched its first swing shoes collection in Barcelona. Our story began in 2013 with the idea of ​​developing a brand especially for swing dancers: shoes that are comfortable to wear, ideal for dancing and packaged in a vintage design inspired by the period from the 1920s to the 1950s.

Whether you dance professionally or passionately pursue a hobby, for every dancer his/her dance shoes not only have to be comfortable, but also of high quality. Slide & Swing shoes are made of 100% real leather and therefore protect against unpleasant odors. With the right care, the shoe adapts perfectly to every foot after just a few dances and, in the best case, feels like a second pair of socks. We are of course happy to answer any questions you may have on this specific topic.

Slide & Swing no longer only appeals to swing dancers. Our customer base has expanded enormously in recent years. Many of our buyers and interested parties are also at home in the world of tango dances and salsa rhythms, and even lovers of vintage and retro lifestyles can increasingly identify with our style. They all particularly appreciate the unbeatable quality and chic design of our shoes. At Slide & Swing everyone who likes to wear the classic and stylish look of this extraordinary time will find the right shoe for themselves.

In January 2020 Slide & Swing found a new home in Berlin, a city full of prudence, distinctiveness and self-confidence. Berlin has style, whatever you like is allowed! And that's exactly how the city embraces the lifestyle of the swing community and far beyond.

In the past few years, Slide & Swing has been able to rely on support from Berlin as well as from all over the country and has therefore grown steadily. Through constructive feedback, the many imaginative suggestions and recommendations, we experience a strong response from dancers from all over Germany, who have become indispensable companions on our way.

Since May 2020 we have finally been able to implement a wish we have repeatedly expressed: Slide & Swing for everyday life, always and everywhere, our collection as street shoes! From now on you have the choice between leather soles or rubber soles for your favorite shoes.

In Berlin we have a very charming team that not only ensures that our online shop is always up to date, but also welcomes and advises you personally in a wonderful shop in the Heckmann-Höfe in Mitte.

Again and again we bring new momentum to the hut (yes, momentum, who would have thought that) and expand our range, e.g. B. with the super chic bow ties from "Karol Karol". True to the motto “Swing Shoes for Swing People”, we represent the joie de vivre and philosophy of the swing lifestyle to the fullest. Of course, this also means that we are happy to provide you with tips and tricks for a tip-top vintage style! The only difference between everybody and nobody is all the shoes.

For further inquiries, please do not hesitate to call or email us. You can also reach our store directly which is the heart of Berlin.