How to choose the best fitting shoes?

Buying shoes is a science! There are many criteria to be met. Apart from the price and brand, the shoes must fit. What does "FIT" mean? It includes style, shape, colour, quality, expectation and functionality.

Style in itself is a subjective thing. Extravagant, vintage or modern simplicity are all adjectives that describe us as buyers. On the one hand this has to do with our personality, on the other hand with our preference.

Leder Schuhe

We don't live in 1920 or 1940. It's 2020. Slide & Swing brings a touch of retro and modern design. Vintage influenced Cap Toe or Derby gives a definite direction. Some see it as classic, some say it is simply stylish. We see it as an identity that is newly defined by different colour combinations. And indeed, colour says a lot about our fans. Basically the colour of the shoes has to match your type. Unbelievably interesting is that some colours already call for certain types and this cannot be ignored when trying them on. We have some simply elegant colours like Cap Toe Honey or Derby Black, which can be worn for a wedding or a business meeting. When we look at Ella Diamond, Eva Gold and Betty Corella, we would immediately think of glamour and party. You feel immediately more radiant when you wear them. The boots say something sporty. More and more dancers like to wear boots. It protects the ankles and feels stable. The short dress looks especially trendy. Not only classic cap toe boots, slide and swing has a summer boots collection: Anita! Feet can breathe easily through the holes and the boots are also light. And the colour of Anita is also the mutton! From soft cream colour to fresh light blue, to eye catching red, we have the right colour for every wardrobe. 

For dancers, of course, comfort and durability are of the utmost importance. The soles of Slide & Swing are not only glued but also stitched. The leather should be soft and the feet should  be able to breathe freely in the shoes. Very important is the comforting of the padding in the shoes, which you can clearly feel. This is not only important for dancers, but also for professions such as teachers who have to stand for a long time at work. 

Let us ask the question: How do you choose the best fitting shoes?  Answer it now.

1) Size and shape must first of all be comfortable for your feet. When dancing, we prefer to have a tight-fitting shape so that your feet don't jiggle too much in your shoes when you move. Only then can the shoes support your feet. The quality of the leather must be flexible, but not wear out. Body heat stretches the leather and ideally it should feel like a second pair of socks.

2) Especially in the swing scene there are always occasions when you want to look vintage. Although in everyday life, be it in classes or dance evenings, you don't necessarily wear vintage clothes. Our tip: The first pair of dancing shoes are more suitable for everyday use. For the second pair, try to wear one or two specific outfits. 

3) Our tip on functionality and quality: Please pay attention to your needs. Do your feet sweat a lot? Do you have problem feet? Do you need an extra insole? Do your feet get thicker/bigger after long dances? Do you have very narrow or very wide feet? Are you a beginner? Do you like "slide"? How do you care for your shoes? How do you care for your feet? We would be happy to advise you individually with all interesting questions. Even if you don't live in Berlin, you can make an appointment with us by phone or Skype. We show you the shoes through the camera and get to know you. 

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