Why do we need dance shoes at all?

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We are often asked: Why do we need dance shoes at all?

For the perfect appearance one thing is very important: the right shoe has to be the perfect one! And for this, the functionality of your shoe must be guaranteed in any case.

Our feet literally play one of the most crucial roles in our daily life. There is an immense load on them, especially when dancing. Many special movements strain our feet again and again in completely different intensity. And it is not unusual for dancers to complain about pain, which is largely due to the choice of the wrong footwear.

The body automatically reacts to pain by defending itself - and this usually begins with an uncomfortable dancing posture, incorrect movement or weight shift. In the worst case, all this has a negative effect on our overall posture, because it is well known that humans are creatures of habit and can train incorrect movements faster than they would like.

People who dance a lot often pack their feet in a nice pair of shoes. Special dancing shoes bring all kinds of good things with them:

The weight

Dancing shoes are quite light. This way your legs don't get tired so quickly and you can move your feet more easily and quickly.

The comfort

Dance shoes should support the feet and ankles well and thus protect against injuries and malpositions. A good dance shoe is comfortable and has a very good fit, i.e. it sits very close to the foot and in no case as loose as an ordinary street shoe. This means that there is less friction between foot and shoe, the step size can be estimated more accurately when dancing and the steps can therefore be set much more precisely.

The hygiene

The real leather insole protects against unpleasant odours. Therefore it is not a problem to slip into your dancing shoes without socks, especially in summer. And with creamed feet you can even care for the inside sole of your shoes at the same time!

The quality

Good dance shoes need a high-quality sole. A genuine leather sole enables a special gliding ability due to its special grip on the ground and thus reduces the risk of defective positions or joint injuries.

The design

Of course, appearance also plays a not insignificant role. A shoe with the right design gives your entire appearance the right authenticity and provides the final visual touch.

Model Anita Alpina - Boots für Damen. Flache Tanzschuhe für Swing, Lindy Hop, Shag, Blues oder Charleston

Slide&Swing wants to build a bridge between vintage and modern by transporting the lifestyle of the 20's and 30's into the everyday life of the 21st century with our design. And no matter what look you like, what inspires and appeals to you - Slide&Swing is flexible and can be adapted to your needs and preferences.

A good dance is best done with the right shoe and that is exactly what we want to find for you! We focus on individual advice to find a comfortable and chic shoe for you, which gives you as much pleasure as dancing itself.

Model Eva Red von Slide and Swing, Im Shop oder Online! 4cm Absatz, geschlossene Damen Tanzschuhe, 100% Leder, elegant und stylish

We look forward to your feedback (kontakt@slideandswing.de) and hope you enjoy dancing - with happy feet for every day!

Model Eva Gold von Slide&Swing, Damen Tanzschuhe für Lindy Hop, Balboa, Shag, Charleston oder Blues, 4cm Absatz, bequem und elegant 100% Leder