Shoe Care - Men's and Women's Leather Shoes

Love your shoes - extra care

Oh, we know that you love your shoes from Slide&Swing and we love you to the moon and back. And the things which are so dear to your heart are always taken care, with an extra bit of effort. Even the shoes from Slide&Swing need the right care every now and then, and especially that extra bit of care. We must not forget that our little darlings are made of one hundred percent leather and if it gets too wet, they won't like it! 

Leather shoes - different design, styles and variety

The colour variation of Slide&Swing is unbelievably varied, the palette ranges from very dark to quite light with lots of colour in between. Finding the right shoe polish at the first go is of course not that much fun. We wanted to spare you this and have researched and tried out a lot just for you (and really just for you). Only the best for the best!   

One polish for every colour of shoes 

The colourless shoe polish, which we now offer in our online shop, is not only suitable for every single Slide&Swing shoe, but also for the leather soles. They are often forgotten, even though they do real hard work. Depending on how often you wear them, your shoes should be thoroughly polished once every one to three weeks from top to bottom and from right to left. For the care of the inner sole, we recommend that you simply cream your feet before dancing. Shoe and foot care in one go. How practical, isn't it? And just between us: what is good for your skin can't be so wrong for your Slide&Swing leather shoes.

Moistened shoes?

You will also find impregnation sprays in our shop. Yes yes, we also think of rain, snow and dirty weather. However, a proper waterproofing will protect your shoes from excessive sweating even on hot days or frequent dance insoles and is therefore a not unimportant part of your care programme. At the same time, the sprays also protect the colour and maintain the quality of your shoes. It's the hammer!

How to use leather shoes - the right way!

And finally, we have one last, but very key message for you: your leather shoes need a breather too. After a night of dancing with shoes, don't let them smell wet and sticky in a shoe bag! Take them out, into the air, into freedom. They deserve that, don't you think? And when things have gotten really hot, fill your dancing shoes with lots of newspaper. Then they are ready for use again in no time.

Sounds like a wonderful shoe spa. Or what do you think?