Shoe Shopping for Followers

As followers we have the advantage that many have more choice of dance shoes. With or without heel, open or closed shoes. Also with colours there seem to be more options for us.

What we want to explain here are the different needs of dance shoes for Followers. 

Here are 5 categories:

Open dance shoes

Closed dance shoes

Flat dance shoes

small heels 3cm - 5cm or 7cm

Dance Boots

Open Dance Shoes: Classic are open dance shoes for Ladies. The visual appearance of dresses and skirts demands that you wear open shoes. Therefore open shoes often look more elegant. The recognition of 20s or vintage style is greater with open shoes. Of course, for dancers, open-toed dance shoes offer a more fresh feeling if the feet are not held all evening. However, you should pay attention to the firmness of the shoes when buying them. Do the shoes support your movement well? Try to rotate your foot from ankle to ankle when trying on the shoes, so that you get a feeling of how flexible or secure you feel in the shoes. Too often we think that as long as you can tie the straps tighter, the shoes will be tight enough. But no! Even more important is the fit at the front and back of the heel, because this is the two main points of contact between the open shoes and the feet. Too much space is not good. The best thing is to make sure that the shoes are a bit tight when you try them on and that you can think about it.

Closed Dance Shoes: It is hardly to avoid that you are not being kicked on the dance floor. Closed dance shoes are a protective measure. (It would be better that everyone pays attention to the step size, only unfortunately in reality there is sometimes an accident). From the look you get a sporty impression with closed dance shoes. In fact one feels well protected and supported, so that one can dance more cut-resistant. The right colour and model for the person gives just as much elegance and style. If you would like to use an insole, we strongly recommend that you take your insole with you when you try it on and try it on together with the shoes. 

Flat Dance Shoes: Anyone who has taken a Soft Shoe Tap course at Vincenzo Fesi knows how much fun it is to have a pair of really good flat leather dance shoes. A casual look and yet very sophisticated. All in all we always feel more at home with flat shoes than with shoes with high heels. Regardless of dance experience, flat dance shoes are easier to master. Especially with Lindy Hop, Charleston and Shag we move more energetic and sometimes faster. Remember that followers have more weight on the balls of their feet when dancing and so it is important that you can still do a thorough modelling movement in your shoes and that the shoes are not too stiff.

Small Heels 3cm - 5cm or 7cm : Wearing shoes with heels is on the one hand a matter of habit (training), on the other hand it has to do with the strength of the muscles. If you train your knee muscles well, it is easier to wear high heels and is also less harmful to your knees. Since Followers weight shift keeps the weight more in front, a small heel is often a good help to have the dance posture. Especially with Balboa the shuffles make it easier. Depending on your taste, Balboa's higher heels can actually be more comfortable, where you automatically feel a more intense body tension. With Charleston or Shag, however, smaller heels are recommended so that you can dance even longer and faster with ease. One hint: You should always stretch your heel after dancing. Especially if you wear a heel, it is even more important that you stretch your thread muscle well after dancing, so that the muscle does not shorten and always shows beautiful emphasized muscles.

Dance BootsFor about 2 years now, dance step floppy has been a trend in the swing scene. A new alternative look for dancers! Dance boots protect the feet up to the ankles. But also by more leather fabric the foot movement could be more restricted. That means soft leather is very important here. Our tip here: do not tie the laces up to the top :) So you have more freedom of movement at the ankle. Another interesting hint is the "ventilation". Because the ankle boots are closed up to the ankle, there is more moisture in the shoes. That is why we recommend to use waterproofing spray not only on the outside of the ankle boots, but also on the inside. 

Conclusion: Proper dancing shoes while dancing gives us more fun. Not just to look pretty, but to be healthy and happy. The defiant leather soles force us to pay attention to our body movement in such a way that we control our centre very precisely. You dance and learn differently with leather soles. The body trains differently and requires the appropriate muscles to make the movement correct. Whether you wear dancing shoes or not, stretching after exercise can only be good for you. Even if it is only a small stretching exercise. Footbath to relax the muscles and stimulate the nerves. 

Do not leave your beautiful dancing shoes in a shoe bag again after dancing through the nights. Take them out and let them breathe or dry. Maybe put some newspaper in it, so that the sweat doesn't stay in your shoes forever. Slide & Swing wishes you many happy moments on the dance floor! You can find even more information about dance shoes on our website! If you have any questions, you can of course send us an email to or use our online chat on the website. But of course we think it's best if you just come by our shop and have a look around. It's worth it. That's a promise!