Opening Collection

Slide and Swing Berlin Store, Tanzschuhe für Swingtänzer, Vintage design, Retro look, Berlin Mitte, Heckmann Höfe

For the opening of our online shop in Germany we have put together a very special collection for you.

Here you will encounter new and old, we show bestsellers and very special pieces of jewellery, modern designs with a touch of vintage, sometimes simple, sometimes elegant, colourful and playful. But above all our shoes are one thing: unique! And they are good for your feet. Our collection of shoes are pure 100% leather.

For the ladies we have revived some of our favourite models such as Eva Gold, Ava Ocean, Ava Camel and Sonia Black. Furthermore, we now present you with great new colours and for the ladies we would like to recommend the Cap Toe Black in this opening collection.

Model Ava Camel, Damen Tanzschuhe von slide and swing, Größe 35- 42, 100% Leder. Elegant & Vintage für Balboa, Lindy Hop oder Charleston
Model Cap Toe Black, Tanzschuhe für Damen, Lindy Hop, Shag, Blues oder Charleston, 100% Leder, Vintage look, Elegant!

True to the motto "show me your shoe and I'll tell you who you are", our collection has the right model for every personality. We cordially invite you to visit our online shop and look around as you please.

Here you will find a small overview of our models. There is the right model for every dance style:

Followers:Lindy Hop no.1.model Eva & Alice Boots

Balboa no.1.model Ava

Blues no.1. model Eva

Shag no.1. model Alice Boots, no. 2. cap toe 

Leaders: Lindy Hop no.1. model Cap Toe Honey no. 2. boots

Balboa no.1. model Cap Toe Honey, no. 2. charleston viejo

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Model Cap Toe Honey ,Tanzschuhe für Männer, Best Seller von Slide & Swing, 100% Leder, Klassische Look & Vintage Elegant, 100% Leder aus Spanien!

Model Cap Toe Boots, Tanzschuhe für Männer, 100% Leder Schick & Retro, 100% Leder, Leicht & Bequem, Für Lindy Hop, Shage und mehr.