Corona & Swing

Slide and Swing Berlin, Tanzschuhe für Damen und Herrn, Vintage Design, Retro inspiriert, 100% Leder

Simultaneously with the opening of the Slide&Swing online shop for Germany, we were all confronted with the Corona crisis. For the entire world population this is a completely unusual and also challenging time.


Our team cultivates a close relationship and deep friendship especially with Slide&Swing in Barcelona. And this is what connects us all in this difficult time: to know that we are not alone! The solidarity among each other, the mutual trust and also the respect for our fellow  beings gives us endless strength right now and lets us move closer together, regardless of our industry, nationality, interests or beliefs.  


A global humanity is what we choose. This applies not only to people, but also to the environment and nature.  


The situation in Spain is currently very serious. Since last Tuesday the Slide&Swing factory has been closed, the ordered quarantine will probably last until the end of April. And also we from Slide&Swing in Germany can't say when we will receive orders again (and therefore our much longed for summer collection). But our mutual support is guaranteed!

All over the world, dance schools are currently fighting for their existence, our beloved events cannot take place, the otherwise so busy dance halls remain empty. But together we are strong and will survive this crisis together. More and more creative alternatives and innovative ideas are already emerging. In addition to various online courses, many dancers share their exercises and their own learning success via video on Facebook. This motivates us all and brings a nice message: Dancing, whether alone or with a partner at our side, makes us happy and keeps us healthy!

And we want to make you a promise: even with social distancing, Slide&Swing will always come to you in pairs ;-)

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